- Mar. 19th 2019 -
Two Nominations For Tower Tag In The German Video Game Awards

Look, we all know that Tower Tag is the best VR game out there 😉 but to be nominated in categories “Best Innovation” and “Best Game Design” alongside other studios making jawdropping video games for traditional platforms feels extra, extra special. It’s one thing to make a product with new hardware, but it’s something else to innovate with platforms that have been around for decades.

So before we go on blowing our own horn, we’d like to take a moment to tip our hats to the other Nominees,

Kamibox (SuperType) your interpretation of the physical properties of letters is equally stylish and intelligent, Headup Games (Trüberbrook), your captivating storytelling skills and depth in video game art style continues to make waves in the industry, Flow Fire Games (Synthetik) what you guys are achieving both technically and art-wise for a two-man team keeps astounding us, and CapLab (Bcon) well done on the innovative perspective of gaming controllers! All Nominees for this years award can be found on the official Website of the Deutscher Comupterspielpreis (The German Video Games Award).

We’re extremely pumped to see our game up there with these great companies, so best of luck to all of with the nominations.

Most prestigious video game award in Germany

If you didn’t know, the German Video Games Award is a yearly award ceremony celebrating German and international video games with the purpose of promoting the German games industry. A total of 590.000 Euro is distributed this year to a handpicked selection of video games. As the German Video Game Awards are the most prestigious games award within Germany, it is no surprise that amongst the aforementioned nominees, we also see some other heavy hitting nominees such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Escape the Lost Pyramid and State of Mind.

This year the celebration will be held in Germany’s Capital Berlin and the event will take place on the 9th of April, 2019.