- Jan. 17th 2020 -
Tower Tag Update 2020.1.0; Operators can lean back and relax now!

Hey guys,

we have “small” update with big features! Check out the improvement of our bots and the reduced start up time! Additionally operators can decide if they want to decide which map and mode is going to be played in the next match or give the players the opportunity to decide which mode they want to play!

CHANGELOG [2020.1.0] • 2020-01-17


• The GameMode dropdown delivers a new opportunity! The “User Vote”. You won’t be able to configure mode or map anymore, but your players can vote for the next game mode then! The match starts automatically 30 sec after all player went on the ready pillar, but they also have the option to vote for “Start Now”.
• You can allow or disable team changes which can be requested by the new UI.

• Ingame UI on the Ready Pillar! Players have following Features now:
– Requesting a team change
– Vote for a game mode
– Vote for an instant start of the match
– Players can see which other players are in the lobby and see their name and status (Ready, Voted)



• Huge improvement for the bots! It won’t take so long to start them anymore, they’ll spawn immediately now and need less performance!

• Mouse cursor hides when not moved for 2 secs



• Stabilization of the software and the networking

The print function in the commendation scene works again!


Tower Tag is out now exclusively for VR Arcades. Interested in Tower Tag? Request a FREE 14-day demo.