- Jul. 17th 2019 -
Tower Tag Update 2019.2; Get ready for the mission briefing!

There it is! Our latest version of Tower Tag – say hello to Tower Tag 2019.2!
It comes with new features such as a mission briefing hologram that instructs players about the match that is about to start. We also reworked the team colors and light shows for a more consistent and striking look. We put a lot of effort into further stabilizing the game. You can now safely join the game during a running match. Of course there is much more. Check out our changelog for more information!

CHANGELOG [2019.2] • 2019-07-17


• Divider light show on match finished
• You can confirm or close overlays with ‘numpad enter’ and ‘escape’
• It is possible to join a running game now!

• Random Map option that iterates all available maps in random order. This is the new default setting.
• The operator can send the players from the commendation scene to an offboarding scene where they are asked to take off their headsets.

• If you have a physical tower: you can move your ingame tower in the commendation scene now in vr. Press and hold the in-game menu button and use the touchpad to move the tower. Rotate it by also pressing and holding the grip button. The feature must be activated in the settings first.
• On disconnect players are brought into the offboarding scene where they are asked to take off their headsets.

• Added a mission briefing! Before a match starts, everybody is presented a stereoscopic screenshot of the upcoming map and a short description of the game mode



• We reworked the coloring scheme, especially of team fire for a more consistent look
• We adjusted the intensity of the light show on round or match finish
• Spectator pillar positions are adjusted
• Player names are disabled on the spectator pillar
• Sneaky is no Team Death Match map anymore
• The name badges are disabled on dead players
• General software stability improvements

• The claim radius to attach the rope to the tower is bigger on the first tower to make it easier for beginners

• Improved the visualization of the gun motion in ego view



• The holo arrow on the first pillar has been removed



• The scoreboard handles disconnecting player correctly now
• The position of the gun from remote players had a little offset
• Fixed a bug where players were sometimes not brought from their spectator tower to the spawn tower when a new round starts

• Fixed a bug that made the player line in the operator UI appear outside of the screen

• The grace period pop up won’t appear anymore when a valid license is found

• Fixed a bug that let bots get stuck


Tower Tag is out now exclusively for VR Arcades. Interested in Tower Tag? Request a FREE 14-day demo, here.