- May. 28th 2019 -
Tower Tag Update 2019.1.2 Drops; Tweaks Camera Functions

The devs have just dropped a new update for our VR e-sports title, Tower Tag. Amongst the changes and additions Update 2019.2 brings a new ego camera view allowing the operator to directly spectate from the perspective of a Tower Tag player, operator visualization for microphone input and a change to the map dividers which will now flash the winning team’s color upon match end.

To update to the latest version, simply launch Tower Tag and click the update to 2019.2 text in the top right corner.

CHANGELOG [2019.1.2] • 2019-05-28



• Voice input visualization for the players
• Automatic camera now includes the ego view
• First and Third person camera modes can be locked/unlocked to player. Click twice on the camera mode switcher icon to get a first/third person camera that switches players. The lock is indicated by a small dot on the camera mode switcher.

• Set gun energy to player death



• !IMPORTANT! We updated our licensing system • you should not notice anything about this • if you got some issues with the tower tag activation please contact us immediately!
• Pillar claim visualization and synchronization improved
• Application icon
• Splash screen image

• When a player gets destroyed in the hubscene, he won’t be able to shoot for 3 seconds and then respawns



• The black and white effect on the end of a round



• General stabilization
• Refactoring and stabilization of the charge process
• Disabled player could still trigger an autostart match
• Team assignment after a client reconnected could go wrong

• Rejoining to an existing room was buggy
• Camera stabilization
• Drag and Drop stabilization
• Player now also logged out when kicked
• Match was not started, when player disconnected during match load

• License deactivation did not work
• Pillar blink again when you finish the claim or try to pull over while the tower isn’t according to your team


Tower Tag is out now exclusively for VR Arcades. Interested in Tower Tag? Request a FREE 14-day demo, here.