- Aug. 15th 2019 -
Tower Tag Update 2019.2.1; Content, Content, Content!

Hey guys! After a few urgent and mainly game stabilizing patches, we finally had the time to focus on some new game content for you! We renamed the “Deathmatch” mode to “Elimination” and added a new game mode named “Deathmatch”! We think the new naming fits better to the actual modes. Players of the new “Deathmatch” game mode get respawned after a few seconds like in the “GoalTower” mode you already know. Every score a player gets is a point for the team! The mode comes with a brand new map called “Shield” and a modified version of “Cebitus”. Furthermore, we improved the spectator view and assigned the players a number to identify them on the minimap! And we found a sweet place for the player’s name on the gun! Check out the whole changelog below and enjoy the changes!

CHANGELOG [2019.2.1] • 2019-08-14


• Added a new deathmatch game mode where players are revived after a short period of time instead of waiting on spectator towers for the round to end.
• Added two maps specific to the new game mode. One as a variant of Cebitus and one brand new map called Shield.
• Added a new force-field asset that blocks the claiming of towers for one team. This is used for the first row of towers in the new game mode to keep teams mobile under all conditions.
• Scoreboards in the hub scene show the results of the last match.

• Player numbers in the UI to identify players on the minimap.

• The player name and the health are now displayed on the side of the gun.



• Players that join an ongoing goal-tower match do not have to wait for the next round to participate, anymore.
• Changed the rules underlying the commendations slightly, so that they will be awarded.
• Improved the wording in the mission briefings.

• Extended the messages that query the user to input a valid room name with precise instructions.
• Improved the layout of overlay messages.

• The name badge of opponents becomes invisible when the player cannot be seen.
• Changed the gun model so that ironsights are easier to use.



• A bug where spectators were brought onto the map when late joining in between rounds.
• A bug where late joiners could end up on spectator towers and be able to shoot when joining during a round countdown.

• A bug where a player line in the operator UI moved out of the screen under certain conditions.
• A bug where team name changes were not synchronized.
• Fixed map intro camera dolly tracks.


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