- Mar. 22nd 2019 -
Tower Tag Update 2019.1 Released; Includes New Gun and Healing Mechanic

After a couple of weeks of playtesting at our own Arcade downstairs, the devs have dropped a new update for Tower Tag! Available now and free for all of our partners, Update 2019.1 adds a new gun model into the game, re-enables the healing mechanic, adds a siren effect for the game mode GoalTower, introduces a bot difficulty selection and adds an assortment of randomly selected bot names submitted by our community!

In addition, Arcade owners will also notice that the in-game tutorial has been brightened up and foot markers have been placed indicating where players should stand. Operators will also be able to set up the next game while players are in a session.

Check out the latest patch notes down below:

Changelog [2019.1.0] – 2019-03-21



  • A dropdown in the player line of a bot to configure their skill level
  • Enter your location name on the operator in the general settings!
  • Siren when a goal tower is being claimed


  • Glowing footprints on the first tower of the hub scene to help new players to orientate


  • Bots have unique names now
  • Bots are now animated in the commendation scene
  • New soundtracks for the desert environment and hubscene!



  • Improved the overall stability of the software
  • The soundtrack will be as long as the match and doesn’t stop in while playing
  • Goal Towers now have a column of light as an indicator
  • NameBadge (PlayerNames above the PlayerAvatar) are now written in capslock
  • Name badges are disabled in the commendation scene
  • General improvements of bot behavior


  • “MyTestRoom” is not a valid room name anymore!
  • Map/Playtime/MatchUp/Gamemode dropdowns aren’t disabled during a match anymore! You can configure the next match while one is running
  • AddBot button isn’t visible/interactable anymore when the team is full
  • GoalPillar mode renamed to GoalTower


  • Redesigned the gun and changed the shot sound!
  • Changed the impact sound of shots


  • Empty gun claim factor decreased from 2,5 to 2
  • The gun energy is restored to every start of a round / when you get revived
  • All towers in GoalTower Mode gets reset for a new round


  • Changed the color of the explainer animation in the hub scene to make it more noticeable
  • Footprints on the first tower in the hub scene (better orientation for new player)
  • Walls on the last tower in the hub scene


  • Quality Settings


  • The healing was disabled for the last version
  • Player were able to shoot and claim during pause
  • If you run two operators on one computer the bots will definitely join the room of the operator in which you clicked on “AddBot”
  • GoalTower MVP Commendation didn’t work probably
  • The fly-by sound of shots

Tower Tag is out now exclusively for VR Arcades. Interested in Tower Tag? Request a FREE 14-day demo, here.