- Jun. 21st 2021 -
Tower Tag PRO (B2B) is coming for Standalone VR

Standalone VR headsets are here to stay

2021 will be the year where we will see the biggest shift in LBVR for a long time now. While it’s been already normal to use a VR standalone headset at home, Arcades around the world are still having to invest in heavy gaming hardware to run their favorite Arcade games.

That’s changing now!

We’ve been seeing announcements and presentations for B2B standalone headsets for quite some time now. We can’t wait for those to be released!
During covid we’ve been focusing not only on offering relief packages to our clients but also to bring Tower Tag to standalone headsets.

Although we’re not quite there yet in terms of features and bug fixes, we think the world is ready to see what we’ve accomplished so far.

The standalone version which we will release by the end of this year will be available to multiple standalone VR headsets. The first test sessions will be for Oculus Quest users only. The test is limited to 100 testers. Better hurry up!

Apply for test now! Apply for test now!