- Mar. 7th 2019 -
Tower Tag Israel – How to start an VR arcade

2018 was an exciting year for us at Tower Tag, we’ve partnered with some amazing brands to bring more content than ever, we’ve moved offices to the VRHQ in The Speicherstadt and we’ve launched our very own e-sports arcade underneath our development studio.

And while our team here in Hamburg grows, so do our locations across the world. We managed to snag new locations in North America, The Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, Japan and more. In the middle east Tower Tag Israel has been showing no signs of slowing down. The team of enthusiastic VR heads Moti Malkov, Artur Arnov and Zvi Tubul-Lavy have absolutely smashed the year of 2018, and are in the process of opening up a second arcade in Israel.

As with any business, the process isn’t easy, especially being the spearhead of new VR technology – so we decided to catch up with the team and see what exactly lead to their success with Tower Tag.

Interview – Starting a Tower Tag VR Arcade in Israel

Second Tower Tag venue in Israel


Q: How did you get your first set of customers? How did you get the word out?

A: “It is funny, because my 2 partners didn’t believe it will work, they said it is old school.” We printed out a two side banners and flyers and distributed it in town, about 10,000 total. this proved to be the main traffic source, especially in the beginning. Our second source was Organic seo on Google + Facebook filtered paid campaigns ”

Q: So with your first source of customers sorted What has been the most effective way to gain new ones?

A: “Word of mouth is so important! Most of the customers that come – 90% – didn’t try VR. Often the quality, fun, or experience is not passed through videos or description. Something that we found quite interesting is that each group that comes resulted in a 50-50 ratio for another group, so the initial experience is everything. Give the first group the best experience as possible!”

Q: What did you guys do that you wish you did differently during launch?

A: “I would have done more short “free samples”. For example 15 minutes or 10 minutes for free in the first month.

Q: What are your most important third-party platforms (Atlas Obscura, Tripadvisor, Tourism websites)?

A: “Tripadvisor works really well for us, not only for tourists, but also for locals, since the 10 best in trip advisor is one of the first results if you look to do something around. If possible, I’d recommend creating a presence on all tourism websites.”

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