- Mar. 29th 2019 -
Tower Tag Hotfix 2019.1.1 Released

Tower Tag Hotfix 2019.1.1 is out now for all our partner Arcades. To update to the latest version relaunch Tower Tag and you will be prompted with popup box to download the latest version.

Most of the bug issues pertained to the new SteamVR update which caused miscommunication between Tower Tag and the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive hardware has been fixed. We’ve removed the ability to use spaces in the room name (this was causing an issue with bots not being able to join the lobby.)

We’ve added a pop-up window that requests you to enter your location name and we’ve removed the update pop-up window to appear rather as
highlighted text in the bottom right of the Client/Operator window.

Check out all the changes in the latest version, down below:

Hotfix [2019.1.1] 2019-03-28

• A popup that asks you to enter a location name, if you have not done so yet. The location name should identify your arcade.

• The update notification for tower tag is not a pop-up anymore! If there is a new version, you see it on the top left corner next to the current version
• You can only enter room names with a-z, A-Z and 0-9
• Updated Feedback report tool. Now allows to select category and gives a progress indication while sending.
• Renamed “Report Bug” link to “Give Feedback” and add hover highlighting.
• SteamVR action bindings for Oculus Rift


• The “days left” pop-up for your license had a bug, where it pops up way to early! Just pops up now if your license is valid for 7 days of less
• Clients were still able to join a room when a bot was loading for the last free slot in the room – this is not possible anymore!
• Some issues when connecting players during match. Still not recommended, though.

• Can display japanese, chinese or korean letters again!
• Bots could not be started when the room name has a blank space in it. Please check and rename your room if this still appears!

Tower Tag is out now exclusively for VR Arcades. Interested in licensing Tower Tag? Request a FREE 14-day demo, here.