- Apr. 3rd 2019 -
Launch your VR Arcade Startup With Tower Tag

The startup process to any VR Arcade can appear daunting, with your attention already drawn to details such as location, what hardware you’ll be making use, what VR software solution you’ll, what your staff will comprise of and business legalities. Ideating and creating visual assets and marketing tools can be one of the last things in mind.

Graphic design, illustration, video production, should you hire someone to do it? Or should you do it yourself? These questions can become a pain in the butt, but they are essential to any startup.

Startup Marketing – minus the headache of branding

A modern business needs a modern solution, which is why we’ve undertaken the content production process ourselves allowing you to focus on what matters most – kickstarting your business! Signage, digital assets, logos, marketing tools such as t-shirts and scratch cards – we provide all of this for free and consistently update it. That means you’ll have more time to focus on strategy and business operation – than on branding and marketing tools.

What are the materials we provide startups in the Asset pack?

• Tower Tag Logo
• Animated Logo Sequence
• Tshirt Template
• A selection of video snippets
• Flyer Templates
• Website Key visuals
• Discount scratch card template
• Signage Template
• Visual Tutorial Assets

With these assets, you’ll be able to rocket launch your business into the public eye. Add your address onto the flyers and discount coupons template to create a market presence and retain it, make use of our pre-created logos for signage, use our animation sequence and in-game snippets spliced up with your own footage for digital marketing. The tools are there for you to either out-of-the-box, or customized to suit your startup and demographics.

Why worry about branding and marketing materials when you can have all of that already prepared and ready to go? Simply slot your information into our already provided assets and your good to go!

Tower Tag is out now exclusively for VR Arcades. Interested in licensing Tower Tag? Request a FREE 14-day demo, here.