Jun. 21st 2021
Tower Tag PRO (B2B) is coming for Standalone VR
Standalone VR headsets are here to stay 2021 will be the year where we will see the biggest shift in LBVR for a long time […] more
Jun. 9th 2021
pay-per-minute for Arcades is out NOW!
Dear fellow business owners, we are happy to see that many businesses around the world are opening their doors for the public again. FINALLY! During […] more
Dec. 3rd 2020
2v2 Duo Cup
During the current lockdown we want to use the time and start a tournament. Between Christmas and New Year the first “DUO CUP” will take […] more
Jan. 17th 2020
Tower Tag Update 2020.1.0; Operators can lean back and relax now!
Hey guys, we have “small” update with big features! Check out the improvement of our bots and the reduced start up time! Additionally operators can […] more
Nov. 18th 2019
Tower Tag Update 2019.3.2; Make things easy
Hey guys, we have a little patch for you! It mainly contains some stabilizations and minor changes like the possibility to switch the controller with […] more
Sep. 26th 2019
Tower Tag Update 2019.3; What’s better than 3v3?
Hey guys! We got some exciting news for you! We finally managed to bring Tower Tag to a new level and implemented the 4 vs […] more
Aug. 15th 2019
Tower Tag Update 2019.2.1; Content, Content, Content!
Hey guys! After a few urgent and mainly game stabilizing patches, we finally had the time to focus on some new game content for you! […] more
Jul. 17th 2019
Tower Tag Update 2019.2; Get ready for the mission briefing!
There it is! Our latest version of Tower Tag – say hello to Tower Tag 2019.2! It comes with new features such as a mission […] more
Jul. 8th 2019
How to start up our VR-Arcade with only one Button
We have been running our VR-Arcade in Hamburg, Germany for about one year now. During the course of this time we have tested out many […] more
Jun. 7th 2019
Tower Tag Update 2019.1.3; Bringing the music back
We just released a new version of Tower Tag! This is a pretty little patch, but necessary to remove two annoying bugs from the last […] more