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The game principle of Tower Tag was developed for VR arcades from ground up. Put on the VR headset and go. Further explanation by the staff isn’t usually necessary.


Tower Tag offers many possibilities to make the gaming experience even more immersive. In addition, the upgrades offer an important distinctive feature to domestic VR experiences.


Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement which gives the game a very dynamic gaming experience without the risk to cause motion sickness. Despite the relatively small space requirements.


The greatest strength of Tower Tag unfolds in the sporting competition. Tournaments can even be played between the VR Arcades worldwide.

Haptical Upgrades
The Tower
Our platform with its illuminated acrylic glass tower offers the player a unique VR experience. It can either be purchased from us or can be self-produced with our construction manual.
The Gun
Through the Tower Tag gun, each shot is a lot more believable. Tower Tag is also compatible with other VR guns.
The Vest
The Tower Tag vest is the final immersion upgrade. It lets the player feel hits from all directions. More immersion is hardly possible at the moment.
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"VR needs a killer app. But the developers of tower tag are getting very close to it ..."
"This is the next generation of laser tag" via facebook
"This VR Shooter looks incredible ..."
UNILAD via facebook
Meet our Partners
Moti Malikov
VR2GO, Israel
While steam arcades are closing all around us, we only want to expand and only offer Tower Tag. The game gets better and better with every version, it is truly our favorite game for arcades because of the mechanics of the game and the consideration of the players learning curve (everything is done via the trigger).
Tommy Goodkin
VR World, NYC
Tower Tag has been an instant hit at VR World. Since launching over a month ago, it has become a favorite of our staff and customers alike. We all knew it was going to be big for us, but we’re still pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and popularity. We’re already in the works to scale up our 2-player installation to a 4-player!
Colin Parnell
Centre VR, UK
We have 12 Tower Tag licenses and it’s extremly successful and profitable. Returning players are common and most people love it more than almost every other VR activity we run. You get what you pay for, seamless multiplayer, perfect customer experience, worth the investment.

1. Can I try Tower Tag before buying licenses?
Yes, you can. We will provide demo keys if you have a running VR system.
2. I don’t want to use a VR backpack, can I still use the acrylic glass towers?
Yes you can, with an additional cable management solution this is possible. Player don’t notice the cable. Using a cable-free VR solution like backpack PC or wireless transmitter is also great.
3. Will there be a tutorial for the players to understand the game mechanics?
Definitely. Even though Tower Tag is self explanatory, a short introduction will guide the players to quickly learn the movement and play style.
4. Do you sell the HTC Vive, computers and other VR gear with the product?
No, we don’t. Hardware-wise we provide only the VR gun and the optional haptic acrylic glass tower.
5. Do you support other haptic feedback body wear?
Yes, our software will support all major haptic body wear. It will be implemented in the game-code and is part of our free updates included in our game license. Which VR gear is supported will be announced.
If you want to know more about Tower Tag then send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also check your spam folder.

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